Civivi Elementum II Button Lock Jade CIVC18062P2


Civivi Button Lock Elementum II Knife (C18062P-2) 2.96″ Satin Finished Nitro-V Drop Point Plain Blade, Natural G-10 Handle

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CIVIVI Knives are the kind that you give as a gift to a friend, whether or not they’re into knives. Anyone will feel the quality and attention to detail as soon as they pick one up yet their price points will signify that these knives are built to be used. As direct competitors against the Spyderco Tenacious and Ontario RAT 1, it’s honestly no comparison and we definitely know which is the best choice. Considering the materials are comparable, the amazing action that CIVIVI Knives possesses makes them the knives to beat in terms of the value folding market.

The original Elementum was a no-frills, straight down-to-business utility folding knife. It was a bit too compact to be used for self-defense but many of its design features paved the way for it to be an excellent EDC blade, one of the best around, and CIVIVI’s best in our opinions. This was mainly thanks to the thin, ergonomic handle with no hots spots during use and a very simple utilitarian design. The drop point blade transitioned into an ergonomic handle that seemed to melt into the hand while the textured scales provided ample traction and the deep carry clip kept it securely attached to your pocket. The Elementum was designed for easy carry but some wished it was a little safer handling when closing…enter the Button Lock Elementum II. Same size as the original, just improved.


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